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I’m so happy you’re here! Let me tell you a little bit about the woman behind Homestead in Bloom. I grew up in a tiny Texas town and have always had a love for the old-fashioned ways. I was not a reader as a child, but I rememebr finding the Jannette Oak series and devouring every single one of her books. I have always just been intriqued by the simpler way of life, and I am sure that has shaped the woman I am today.

My dream, ever since I can remember, has always been, to be a mama and a wife. I am so thankful the Lord has blessed me with fulfilling these callings. It is truly everything I have ever wanted in life.

I met my now husband in 5th grade, and I was immediately drawn to him. I have always wanted red-headed babies, and with his beautiful golden red hair, I knew I would have a good chance! We began dating our Junior year of High School and have been side by side ever since. We got married at the ripe age of 20 and began our beautiful life together. mama to one baby in heaven, one earth-side little girl, one baby on the way, and Lord willing, many more in the future!

I love all things related to the home and I hope to inspire you with the things I share. From thrifting, from scratch recipes, sourdough baking, home-birthing, and other homemaking & homesteading content, my goal is to cultivate an atmosphere where you feel welcome and we can learn and grow together.

My journey with sourdough started due to a sensitivity I have to gluten. My husbands cousin gifted me with a sourdough starter, and I have been baking ever since. I started selling sourdough bread through my facebook page and then slowly transitioned to teaching classes within my home 1-2 times a month. This time of teaching and connection with my community has been incredible and I have loved every second of it!

This inspired me to share my low stress approch as well as a video to inspire other sourdough bakers to host classes on YouTube. I have since started sharing all types of homemaking content on Youtube that brings joy to my heart, and I am hopeful that others enjoy the content as well!

Much love, – Kaylin

In 2018, my high-school sweetheart and I decided to tie the knot after 5 years of dating. We were so young, and I am sure people thought we were crazy, but we just knew that the Lord had made us for each-other, and we didn’t want to spend anymore of this life apart from one another. Hands down, the best decision I’ve ever made was saying yes to loving this red headed man for the rest of my days, it is such an honor.


In 2020, I was officially a college graduate! I walked across my living room to the sound of “Pomp and Circumstance” playing on my husbands phone, definitely not what I had pictured to say the least. However, I didn’t care, I was ready to take on the public school classroom as a kindergarten teacher! I absolutely fell in love with teaching and nurturing the relationships built within the four walls of my classroom. It was a magical time.


In March of 2022, we found out we were expecting once again. So much worry and anxiety was given to God during this time of uncertainty. The Lord opened up a door for us to move to a larger house on some land, and it just so happened to also have a little living quarters on it. This suite became the vision of my “in-home daycare.” It was the perfect opportunity to allow me to fulfill my call to motherhood given to me by the Lord while also still providing financially for our growing family. It was such an answered prayer.


After a short 9 months of fifth- wheel living, we saved enough money to put a down payment on our first house! This was such a dream come true for us. I had the best time getting to style my very own home for the first time, as well as start hosting! I quickly learned that is something that brings me lots of joy to do. It was just the perfect house to begin our lives as a young married couple, so thankful for all of the memories. We assumed we would have a couple babies here before growing out of the tiny house, but the Lord had bigger and better plans for us.


This was my second year teaching kindergarten, and I was truly loving spending my days with little ones. However, as the talk of starting a family arose, I began feeling the Lord calling down a different avenue… one that would take a leap of faith to accomplish. In November, we found out we were pregnant with our first sweet little baby, sadly a short week later, we miscarried this baby. We were heartbroken, but still hopeful in what the future held in store, what God had in store.

“It would be my pleasure and honor to get to work alongside you to capture your special day”

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