An Old-fashioned Homemaking Schedule

Homemaking. This is a topic that has been resurfacing and growing in popularity recently. The urge to slow down and live a simple life has been calling many people, myself included. This shift change hit me hard when I became a mother. Time is sacred, and I want to make the most impact with the time the Lord has given me.

There is always something to learn.

I am learning as I go, so we can learn together! I have been a wife for 5 years, and I still don’t have it down. Homemaking encompasses so many things, there is always something new to learn, and that’s one of the best parts. Once you grow comfortable with something new and it becomes second nature to implement, you can add something else to the mix. Couple that with diving into homesteading, and there is really no short supply of things to learn!

The Weekend Hustle

In the past, I have felt like each weekend, I’m picking up the pieces from the week absolutely falling apart. I would spend all evening Friday doing loads and loads of laundry while trying to clean toilets, put dishes away, cook dinner, keep my little baby happy, and that continued all the way until Sunday night. Then, sometimes, I would finally feel like everything was back in place, and I was ready for the week.

Wow, that’s truly not a fun cycle to live in. I think so many moms are living in this unsustainable cycle, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Where was my time for rest, sewing, baking, or other joyful things? It was non-existent.

I knew I had the time to get these things done, but I was so scattered with the variety of tasks, and just did not delegate or manage my time well.

    Free Homemaking Printable

    I made this printable in an effort curate a simple schedule that keeps me focused on specific tasks. Since implementing this schedule, I have felt so much relief. My house feels clean, it’s tidy, and most importantly, I have my weekends back! 

    I decided that Sunday would be strictly for rest, and that is such a beautiful thing to experience. I was able to spend quality time with extended family without fretting about being behind in my housework, because it had all slowly and steadily gotten done throughout the week. 

    I have included a link to this free template I’ve created so that you can edit the tasks to fit your families unique lifestyle and needs.

    It’s simple in theory, but takes motivation to stick!

    This schedule has truly improved my day to day, and I hope it does for you as well! I don’t follow it exactly like it states 100% of the time, because this is real life, but it is so helpful to know what needs to be done each day and stay focused.

    Happy Homemaking! – Kaylin

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